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Benefits of Pre-Arrangement

There are many benefits to planning your funeral services in advance:

TOGETHERNESS: You can openly share your desires and wishes, and listen to input from your extended family.  Nobody is left wondering what you would have wanted.

NO PRESSURE: When pre-planning a funeral, there is plenty of time to consider the options and make careful, thoughtful decisions.  You can choose a gravesite on a warm, sunny day, think about which casket or urn you would like, and revise the obituary until it is perfect.  

CONSIDER THE COSTS: Pre-planning lets you compare costs, and decide what services and merchandise will best suit your circumstances.  You can get an estimate, take it home, and think about it before making a final decision.

PAYMENTS:  You can make payments on a pre-arranged funeral, with no interest charges. Some families have difficulty coming up with the financial resources at the time of a death.

PRE-PAID FUNDS ARE PROTECTED: If set up properly, pre-paid funerals are not counted as assets when the owner applies for medicaid.  Even if medicaid is not needed, most of our pre-paid funerals are guaranteed, meaning your family gets the goods and services you purchased at no additional expense.  In short, pre-payments allow you to freeze the costs at today’s prices.

PEACE OF MIND: When a death occurs in any family the grief is tremendous and the healing takes time.  Most people feel good knowing that everything is prepared in advance, and the survivors will not be struggling to make difficult decisions while under stress.


You have two choices: Plan ahead, or wait until death forces you to make arrangements. 

If you choose to plan ahead, whether you want to pre-pay or not, please call or e-mail us today.


Mere Christianity Book Offer

This month, Allen Cole is featured in the Chelsea Library’s “Men of Chelsea” Calendar.  No, the men are NOT shown in skimpy swimwear - each Chelsea Man was asked to choose a favorite book.  Allen’s book is “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis.  It is a great book, and if you would like to read it, we would like to offer you a free copy to borrow or keep.  Just call the funeral home (475-1551) and we will hold a copy with your name on it so you can pick it up at your convenience.

Use these links to learn more about "Mere Christianity" or C.S. Lewis


If you need a place to stay while attending services, here is a list of local places that may be able to accommodate you.  Some will offer you a discount if you tell them you are here for a funeral.

Comfort Inn
1645 Commerce Park Dr.
Chelsea, MI, US, 48118
Phone: (734) 433-8000
Comfort Inn Chelsea

Baymont by Wyndham Chelsea
1540 Commerce Park Dr
Chelsea, MI 48118
Phone: Phone: (734) 433-1600
Baymont by Wyndham Chelsea

Chelsea House Victorian Inn
118 E Middle St
Chelsea, Michigan, 48118
Phone: 734-475-2244
Toll Free 877-618-4935
Chelsea House website